Low Sugar Snacks ebook

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Here it is! We’ve created a downloadable book choc full of 26 delicious recipes. Each recipe has been lovingly crafted by Zoe and taste tested by me, and our families and friends! They’re all absolutely delicious and will help you get through the day without reaching for something that gives you that sugar rush. A really good thing at any time of year!

As a bit of background, many of you may not be aware but I’ve been running the facebook page and website on my own for the last 6 months, which has been a lot of fun but is also exhausting! We’re now at a crossroad; we have so many ideas, and are making such amazing progress… but need your help.

We’re created this for you to purchase for yourself or as a gift to a friend. Doing so will mean we can raise some funds to help pull together a team of sugar warriors who can help keep the momentum of the message alive and take it into more classrooms and lounge rooms around the world.

So please purchase, download and enjoy. Of course we want to see plenty of pictures of your creations from Zoe’s recipes, so please put them on Instagram with the hashtag #thatsugarfilm or on our Facebook page.

Thanks, Damon